We’ve had to adapt quickly to this new normal. My husband and I are both working full time from home and both of our little ones S(8) and L(5) are home from school. So the big question we had was, how do we engage their minds while not losing ours.

We’ve had some experience with working and teaching during the summer break, but we have some time to prepare and transition. Also, summer feels more laid back, now it feels like we are failing if we don’t teach them something.

Which we aren’t, know this Busy Mami’s out there no mater what you are doing you’re not failing. In fact your kids are most likely happy just to spend all this extra time with you.

We are all in this together, so with that in mind here is our current daily routine as well as some resources we’ve found. I’ve asked our little ones to give “reviews” on each of the resources and have, for the most part, left them as is. Kids are nothing if not honest.

I will keep adding resources as we find them, but one great source is a Facebook group created by a friend of ours (LINK)

How our ideal day starts

(everything goes to heck if my Husband or I jump on a conference call)

  • Breakfast (usually done before 9)
  • Sit down school work
    • We have been doing research presentations (details below)
    • Other resources for this (details below)
  • Karate class – live ISKC video at 11am on Facebook
  • Dance party with BusyMami at noon – We do it live so join us on Facebook
  • Lunch
  • Drawing with Mo Williams – Episode one is here
  • Play time – outside, inside
  • Before dinner S presents what she has learned in a Google Slides (links to hers below)

*we squeeze in a room cleaning somewhere in the mix as well.

Below are links to what we’ve done as well as reviews from S and L.

Research Presentations:
For the research presentations, I typically pull up a “kids facts on ” video in Youtube. S watches it while taking notes on the interesting facts. L will join along sometimes, but it’s more for S. We have a number of activity books L will do during this time.

“I like learning the stuff and then sharing my knowledge with my family. I did a song for the lesson on Foxes and really liked that. I recommend taking notes while watching the videos.”


“Thumbs up for the Dolphin and butterfly one. And all the other ones too.”


ISKC puts out daily videos at 11am Monday – Saturday. You can follow them on Facebook to join the classes

“Karate classes are fun. Educational for karate. It’s cool. It’s something we can do together as a family. I love doing karate with my family. Sensei Mertel does a great job teaching the class.”


House Scavenger Hunt:
This was a great activity that got the whole neighborhood involved with everyone putting shamrocks up for St. Patricks day. It has continued with a few other items here and there, with the most recent being bears, for a “bear hunt”.

“I liked walking around and seeing who had the shamrocks up. I got to see some of my friends while walking and we go to talk.”


“Playing outside is amazing”


Drawing with Mo Williams:
This has been a God send for our little creative ones. Both S and L were able to join along and even helped each other with this great follow along drawing lesson. If you don’t know who Mo Williams is, get out from under your rock and read “Don’t Let The Pigeon Ride The Bus” to your kids. The videos are provided by The Kennedy Center on Youtube and the first episode is available here.

“I like to learn new drawing skills and having fun”


“Thumbs up, I did like it. It was so fun, because he is the best”


Facebook Messenger Kids:
This is an amazing tool S really loves. She has been able to talk to all her friends while in the lockdown. Although, they mostly just send stickers back and forth. One big benefit of Facebook Messenger Kids is that we have full control of who she can talk to and even get to review her messages. You can download it here and it connects to your Facebook account.

S also spent about 30 minutes talking to her Aunt in Louisiana which was wonderful for both of them.

“I like being in an app that I can talk and see my friends.


Facebook Group – Tame The Heathens: Flatten The Curve:
One of our family friends create a group on Facebook called Tame The Heathens: Flatten The Curve and everyone there has been sharing wonderful resources so join the group and share along with us.

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